Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NonStop will run on x86: some resources for those who missed the announcement in San Jose

If you are not at the NonStop TBC 2013 (like me, the author of this blog entry), you will have missed the chance to get the BIG NEWS live from the stage.

However, there are several great resources available to follow the news, so without further ado:

Official HP Press Release

Youtube Video where Randy Meyer presents the news (about 20 mins, see bottom of post for a few slide copies): see

Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, talks about it (about 3 mins, part of Randy Meyer Youtube video):

The announcement already got noticed in the IT press:

To close this post, I boldly copied a few images from Randy's presentation (copyright obviously with HP!); I think they do speak for themselves:

I think this is great news for the platform - right now the announcement is very fresh so there will probably a time where it is not obvious what it means for the NonStop platform - but IMHO it certainly is goodness!