Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boots and all! NonStop Boot Camp – will you be there?

Heading to Boot Camp? If you are - I look forward to seeing you!

The Boot Camp, or more correctly, the NonStop Advanced Technical Boot Camp, is only a matter of days away. This is a no-holds bared opportunity to spend quality time with your favorite vendor, and as everyone’s favorite vendor, I fully anticipate most participants attention will be focused on those from HP attending the event. Having suffered through the summer heat in Las Vegas for HP Discover I have to admit, I am looking forward to San Jose’s cooler weather with relish. When it comes to events of any kind, I commit myself fully, boots and all, as I like to say.

I will be presenting on the Monday – while the technical among us may view the material as lighter weight than the material provided elsewhere, I will be looking at the theme championed by Meg Whitman during 2012 HP Discover (and again in 2013), but as updated recently by the leadership of NonStop. Whereas Whitman talked of Mobility, Security, Big Data and Clouds – Security and Social Media having been used interchangeably depending upon audiences – it was new VP and GM, Integrity Servers, Randy Meyer who talked specifically of Big Data, Hybrid (computers) and Cloud (computing) at the recent CTUG event in Mississauga, Canada.

For the NonStop community, security is well covered with comForte among the vendors successfully serving this market segment, but Big Data? Hybrid? Cloud? Inclusion of NonStop within these key focus areas of HP continues to generate discussions among all within the NonStop community. My presentation will look at just how much is being done in all three areas and will highlight vendors aggressively pursuing product development. I will be presenting Monday morning – but check your agenda’s on arrival to confirm both, the time and location, and I look forward to seeing you. Should you want to discuss any topics with me, I will be frequently stopping by the comForte booth, so please stop by and let folks know you are looking for me.

comForte has a full complement of presentations that includes architects and developers from the company as well as a real world customer providing updates on products and best practices. For those who may have missed the specifics in the latest issue of, these sessions include:

Monday, Nov 4, 11.30am – 12.25pm
Securing the Castle - Using HP NonStop SSL & SSH to Encrypt Data in Transit
Steven Powell, Senior Product Engineer, comForte

Monday, Nov 4, 2.30pm – 3.25pm
Logging of access to sensitive data at Hemit
Bjørn Morten Holm, Senior IT Consultant, Hemit (comForte customer presentation)

Tuesday, Nov 5, 11.30am – 12.25pm
Data-at-rest protection for PCI-DSS compliance made easy
Michael Horst, Chief Architect, comForte

Among the attendees of note will be Infrasoft Managing Director, Peter Shell, as well as Co-Founder and Director of Engineering, David Finnie. Coming off another good year for uLinga sales as the alternative to SNAX and ICE continue to prosper, they will be focused on helping to introduce maRunga – the latest product offering from Infrasoft, supporting Cloud computing and featuring anew productized version of services previously demonstrated by HP’s field organization. In working with prospects and HP, perhaps the best way to look at maRunga is if it was an overdraft facility, similar to what so many of us depend upon in our private lives.

Capacity, even on NonStop systems, often runs short and for many reasons – unexpected workloads, the deployment of a new application or service, as well as budgets that may change. Whatever the reason, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offload less valuable transactions to another platform even if just for a few days or even weeks? Wouldn’t it be great if the other platform could be anything from a Windows server to a Linux cluster to a private or even public cloud, with no need to have any supporting NonStop subsystems present – running an instance of a Pathway serverclass, without Pathway actually, on the selected other platform - cool!

And just as with an overdraft facility, when there’s no need tap the extra funds, we return the leveraged  cash. If you want to know a lot more about this then with Peter and David both present, there’s no better opportunity that the Boot Camp to check it all out for yourselves. Stop by the comForte booth too for copies of my latest opinion papers on uLinga and maRunga and ask for more information about these products’ multiple platform support.

Did you know the implementation of uLinga now running on NonStop will also run on Windows and Linux and is capable of replacing expensive alternatives from both IBM and Microsoft? Were you also aware that maRunga shares the same framework as uLinga and it too can run on platforms apart from NonStop? Again, a good chance to catch Peter and David and find out more about these options!

It is exactly these reasons – catching key developers and managers – that ensures the success of events like the Boot Camp. It’s also the reason, too, that I am as supportive as I am. At a time when education and insight about technology, solutions and products is becoming even more important, it’s just so vital to get the scoop directly from those involved. Talking to other vendors, and indeed real world users, helps form opinions about what can be done today with NonStop, creating messages than can then be taken back into our offices and departments for further review. Nowhere else is this possible apart from Boot Camp and certainly, not at the big tent HP events like HP Discover.

I look forward to seeing many of you next week and by all means, stop by the comForte booth. I will be checking in regularly and hope to see you; be prepared too, for the traditional beer-bust (albeit on Sunday evening) as there’s no accounting for where you might actually get what you are looking for and nothing ever quite compares to the exchanges that occur during such networking occasions. Safe travels! 

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