Thursday, September 19, 2013

NonStop is not going anywhere, and neither is comForte – a message not lost on the NonStop community!

NonStop systems continue to provide value and in statements made to a NonStop regional user group this week, it looks like sales records may be broken. This all bodes well for vendors committed to providing products and solutions for NonStop!

These past few days there was a sizeable uptick in readership of the NonStop community blog, Real Time View. In particular, the post of August 31, 2013, The new transformed NonStop; brash, and in your face! touched a nerve within the NonStop community. Coming just after the previous post Big, is getting a whole lot bigger; Yottabytes isn’t a Star Wars character! that talked about how big data centers have become, it goes to show just how much interest there is within the NonStop community about the future of the NonStop platform.

As one comment posted to the LinkedIn group, 1 Cloud Road , observed, “
Great article on NON Stop systems Richard. Sounds like NonStop systems are not going anywhere soon :-)” Should you visit this site, one I am now supporting with commentaries and posts, then check out my response to this remark. Interest in NonStop systems is picking up simply because there are few other alternatives to NonStop when it comes to mission-critical transaction processing. Nevertheless, how does NonStop remain relevant as HP focuses on initiatives in support of Mobility, Security, Big Data and Clouds?

For customers, and prospects alike, visiting the web site of comForte 21 will soon have you checking out the
Products tab where you will see listed the comForte 21 principle focus areas Connect, Protect, Modernize and Streamline. These have remained constant for some time now and do a good job of helping visitors navigate to their areas of interest– looking for something in Security than it’s hard to ignore the obvious reference to security under the heading of Protect.

However, there’s a lot more significance to segmenting the product offerings in this manner. Just as HP has recognized that it needs specific focus areas to help reinforce the value of the brand, every company wants to be recognized as the best at something, offering a level of proficiency, and indeed expertise, in addition to providing valuable products and services. In the always rapidly-changing landscape that is technology, this hasn’t been lost on HP and it hasn’t been lost on comForte 21 either.

I was reminded of this fact during recent exchanges with comForte 21 executives. In a previous post I quoted comForte 21 CTO, Thomas Burg, extensively as I saw value in exploring his perspective on just how comForte 21 addresses the marketplace, an important topic for all within the NonStop community relying on comForte 21 products. But there was more – comForte 21, like many vendors supporting the NonStop community, now faces the challenge of operating in a marketplace that HP is redefining in a manner where it views its own success as paramount.

It’s not by accident that HP talks about Mobility, Security Big Data and Clouds. These are all areas within technology where start-ups and mature corporations alike see huge potential windfalls and for a very sound reason. Just look around your local coffee shop, airport lounge or shopping mall. Everyone is connected these days – individuals without a smartphone or tablet are proving to be the exception. What this means is that transactions are being generated at an unprecedented pace, metadata is being stored and analyzed unlike it’s ever been before (by both business and governments), and in this highly connected world, there’s simply no acceptance of downtime for any reason.

No, NonStop systems aren’t going anywhere soon – they continue to provide value to many businesses. However, what will be changing is the way they support devices, the way they are secured, the way they tap external resources and these changes align well with the investments now being made by comForte 21. With its origins in terminal emulation, where it remains the market leader today, comForte 21was among the first vendors to recognize the importance of security, even as it was among the first to see the potential impact from mobile devices. Furthermore, it was quick to capitalize on the demand to modernize networks and to exploit Cloud computing.

J6530Touch, as just one example, is a logical progression following the success of J6530 and JPath that makes it really easy to access applications running on NonStop systems from any smartphone or tablet. It’s just a start, mind you, with the potential to provide even more capabilities, but what it speaks volumes about is that just as HP is focusing on areas that we all associate with the modernization of IT, comForte 21 is focused on modernization. Whether it’s the support of the latest device, network protocol, security protocol or external resource, as is the case with Cloud computing, comForte 21 is making the necessary investments.

Perhaps, in the near term, the Product tabs will evolve. In the previous post, I quoted Burg when he said,
“While we separate our products into different categories, Connect, Protect, Modernize, Streamline, this is for the benefit of customers and prospects to help them locate specific products and features” so could we see a new trend developing? Could there be closer alignment with the story HP is conveying such that these Product tabs become Mobility (including everything to do with the networks in support of mobility), Security, and Clouds? Big Data is a focus area probably better left to others in the NonStop marketplace but for now, comForte 21 clearly has three of the four bases well covered.

No, comForte 21 products and solutions aren’t going anywhere soon, either. Instead, view the steps being taken today by comForte 21 as those on a path heading in the exact same direction as HP’s. Changing Product tabs, for the benefit of customers and prospects, may or may not happen in the near term. However, the understanding of the importance of HP’s focus areas isn’t lost on those at comForte 21 tracking the needs of the NonStop community as they respond to what HP is presenting. Likewise, and every bit as importantly, the relevance of the investments being made by comForte 21 isn’t being lost among those in the NonStop community! 

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  1. Great Article. Just wish that hp cloud solutions were less LINUX and x86 hardware and more work in developing a real backend solution converging NONSTOP into the enterprise design. Gerry Mangan