Saturday, August 24, 2013

Words that Matter: Customers Speak Out About comForte Support Service

World-class. Highly responsive. Award-winning. Unparalleled. Browse the Web sites of enterprise software vendors and you’re sure to find these types of glowing terms used to describe their customer support. While some support organizations may live up to their billing, sadly, not all do.

There’s clearly a lot more to supporting business critical software than posting some words on a page. The team at comForte understands that effective customer support takes dedication and investments. Over the years, we’ve continued to invest time, people, and budget on our support capabilities, and those investments continue to yield dividends for our customers.

In recent years, we’ve delivered such enhancements as a robust online ticket request system, an online customer portal for tracking and submitting tickets, and an increasingly comprehensive knowledgebase.

On a regular basis, comForte polls its customers, soliciting feedback on how our support staff is doing. While we’re used to receiving positive feedback, our latest survey yielded so many strong endorsements, we wanted to share some of them. Following is a snapshot of what our customers had to say:

  • “Response from customer support was on time”
  • “Excellent support every time!!”
  • “Outstanding support”
  • “Very prompt and fast with extensive answers and good suggestions”
  • “Keep up the good work!”
  • “Thank you for your support every time. comForte 21 is the best vendor we are doing business with.”
  • “Great support, thank you”
  • “My positive comment is that RFE's are handled in a timely manner and released within desirable customer expectations”
  • “Your support is great. No need to change anything.”

Given the demanding nature of the environments in which our products are deployed, we realize that prompt, intelligent, and effective support services are critical to our customers.  That’s why receiving this kind of feedback is so important, and why these words say far more than anything we could dream up ourselves.


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