Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reliable Communication - A Critical Success Factor!

Frequent and smooth communication between people is vital for successful relationships, both in our personal and professional lives. To communicate in the business world, we rely not only on phone and email, but also on software applications, which must reliably communicate with each other over an enterprise network. For this network communication, many organizations employ enterprise messaging systems (EMS), which can be very complex to manage. Consequently, intelligent and efficient management of EMS can be a critical success factor for an organization.

Enterprise messaging systems (EMS), such as IBM’s WebSphere MQ and Tibco EMS, are commonly used in multi-national corporations. When deployed, EMS systems are the nerve center of an organization’s IT environment, facilitating communication between applications, databases, files, and other Web-enabled applications and processes. As with any communication between people, it is important for EMS systems to communicate in a targeted, clear, precise, and simple way, while following certain rules and standards. These attributes become even more important as systems get more complex. Within today’s large enterprises, managing these systems can be very time-consuming and expensive—especially when multiple “end points” and all associated events need to be accommodated.

To help improve the reliability and efficiency of EMS communications, many organizations are beginning to leverage Infrared360, a Web management portal sold by comForte. Infrared360 can be used to do administration, testing, monitoring, and statistical reporting of EMS systems. By controlling and analyzing all message queue managers through Infrared360, administrators can better enable secure and efficient communication. Further, administrators can detect and resolve problems more quickly, even in widely distributed message queues.

Infrared360 offers agentless management and monitoring, secure collaboration, and delegation of administration efforts. By offering agentless management and monitoring, Infrared360 can receive data or event messages from message queue managers and enable administration of these components, without having to install any software (agents) at the respective end points. Instead, message queue managers and application servers, such as IBM WebSphere, JBoss, and Apache Tomcat, can communicate directly and reliably using existing messaging protocols and infrastructure. In fact, the Infrared360 portal interface is completely browser based and doesn’t require any applets or plug-ins installed on the browser.

Infrared360 allows users to take advantage of a six layer, comprehensive security structure that can be applied to individually protected work areas, known as “sandboxes”, for different business units or applications. Each sandbox is separate and comes with its own monitoring and management environment, logging each individual user’s or message queue manager’s activities for auditing purposes. Furthermore, Infrared360 provides a granular delegation structure that permits users to have multiple different profiles where they can see only specific objects and perform certain actions that are necessary to do their jobs. By offering a link to concurrent, existing directory services (for example LDAP or Active Directory), Infrared360 can also help address company security guidelines.

In addition to the functional properties outlined above, Infrared360 delivers the features that help promote successful implementation.  The management portal is easy and intuitive for users and administrators, provides innovative and extensive functionality, enables increased efficiency and productivity, and speeds problem solving. Last but not least, it delivers a proven efficiency gain, enabling a quick return on investment.

The more clearly and precisely plans are communicated, the more easily they will be understood and supported. This is true in any communication, whether in our personal or professional lives—or in enterprise IT environments. Perhaps more than ever, reliable communication is a critical success factor today. By more efficiently managing EMS systems and improving the reliability of these environments, Infrared360 can help IT teams better support corporate objectives and thus make an important contribution to the company’s success.

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