Friday, June 7, 2013

It’s HP Discover! See you there – and yes, congratulations are in order!

With the coming of each year, I am never certain about which events I will attend but top of my wish list is always HP Discover. Yes, I am going and with the event about to begin, the clock is steadily counting down the time to my departure …

In the coming days I will be busy blogging about HP Discover. Look for updates to be regular posted to the LinkedIn group, Real Time View – and of course, there will be a feature post to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View following the event. It’s always good to hear messages from HP fist hand but for me equally as important is the opportunity to catch up with key stakeholders within the NonStop community.

At a time when there’s been considerable discussion over the merits of participating in this year’s HP Discover, all the same I am pleased to see just how many vendors have elected to show up. We all know that later in the year, the NonStop boot camp gathering will attract most of the NonStop community, there is no ducking the reality that HP Discover remains HP’s premier event. Nowhere else will we see a bigger gathering of HP executives this year.

Congratulations have to go out to Randy Meyer who is now VP and General Manager of Integrity Servers – a superset of systems that includes NonStop – and will be one executive many of us will be on the lookout to meet. With his promotion to such lofty heights, attending the joint presentation of Randy with Sean Mansubi (VP, NonStop Systems Development) “HP NonStop; because customers never wait” will be a “must attend” occasion. I have to add that I am also more than a little curious as to what Wendy Bartlett will cover in her presentation “NonStop Server magical mystery tour” but as it’s Wendy presenting, it’s sure to attract a crowd, too!

However, when it comes to the specifics about how visible NonStop will be at this event we will have to wait to hear what Meg Whitman and Dave Donatelli have to say. Last year, Meg opened her keynote describing our interaction with services as part of our daily routines and of the examples she provided, all but one related to interactions with well-known applications running happily on NonStop. Hearing the CEO talk of NonStop sent an unmistakably positive message to all who attended.

This year, NonStop vendor participation is down considerably but it is encouraging to see the key tier one vendors such as comForte have elected to maintain a presence. Being one of just four vendors participating – two system software vendors (comForte; ETI) and two solutions providers (ACI; AJB Canada) – and positioned close to where HP will have a NonStop presence, they will be easy to find. And congratulations have to go out to the comForte team for making this commitment – make sure you drop by even if just to say Hi!

What I think is the smart option here and one other vendors may well do to emulate in the future is that comForte is combining HP Discover with their own sales kick-off event. In the past, other vendor’s had pursued something similar as the opportunity to leverage the presence of most of a vendors’ key sales and field support specialists (as is typical with such big tent marketing events conducted by a primary vendor, such as HP), shouldn’t be an opportunity that’s missed. As I am invited to participate, I will be providing an update post to this blog once the show is over – it’s always a great time to hear of what is coming in the near future.

The next couple of days will be a busy time as we load up the company command center and make the traditional trek down to Las Vegas. Time behind the wheel always provides an opportunity for reflection. While many within the NonStop community question the value of HP Discover still others are looking forward to participating. As the formula for these big HP marketing evens became better understood, many of us wondered about the relevance and sighed deeply at first bemoaning the lesser focus on NonStop.

However, with the NonStop bootcamp, these concerns have lessened, and the return to San Jose much welcomed. Yet HP too has to be congratulated as vendors of HP statue have to retain a very high profile across their total community. Certainly, there will be other major vendors who poke fun at HP and I fully expect to see something creative coming from Oracle – funding flatbed trucks hauling faux Superdome’s under the banner of Cash for Clunkers was creative for sure – but there can be no escaping just how popular HP remains with users particularly the large enterprise users that traditionally anchor the NonStop community.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as attend and I am certain there will be surprises just as I am certain those participating will welcome the investments being made by HP. And to all those travelling this weekend, I wish you all safe ravels ad again, look for me late Monday as I take refuge in the V Bar about which, stories will more than likely emanate. And yes, to all those making the trip, congratulations as well as without your presence I would have even less to write about! 

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