Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The future is moving fast …

The year has passed by with a flash and it’s already time to think about HP Discover – what can the NonStop community expect to see this year?  
“Futures move first,” is a new promotional slogan from TD Ameritrade, the American online broker based in Omaha, Nebraska. For those familiar with Omaha the big surprise here isn’t that TD Ameritrade is based in this Midwest city as much as its new headquarters have been built on the site of the former head office of ACI Worldwide.

However, the thought of the future moving first, as financial traders express it (and support with a very volatile futures market) really does strike home for all who are in IT. However, it does reinforce the idea of there being nothing as constant as change, a quote attributed to the Greek philosopher,
Heraclitus of Ephesus and made around 500 B.C. For the NonStop community perhaps there’s nothing more representative of change than NonStop user events where participants certainly do get first glimpse of an ever-changing future.

In a pre-event post last year, that of May 30, 2012,
Time to talk? I remarked on how comForte’s presence at HP Discover represented, according to comForte’s Thomas Gloerfeld, “a major investment but one we happily make each year; after all, we really do want to hear the NonStop community openly discussing their plans and looking for products and solutions that frequently align with our core competencies.”

HP Discover 2012 was the first time we heard from the new HP CEO, Meg Whitman. The core message of Make it Matter was inescapable as it was splattered across blue banners hanging from every rafter in the exhibition hall and attached to every wall in common areas and hallways. It was also the first time we heard the HP story on Cloud, Mobility, Security, and Big Data and of the impact these technologies would be having on future investments.

The future is indeed moving first – last year we heard more on Converged Infrastructure (CI) and on Project Odyssey. This year I am certain there will be a lot of coverage given to Moonshot. According to HP, Moonshot reflects how “Cloud, Mobility, Security, and Big Data are transforming what the business expects from IT resulting in a ‘New Style of IT.’ The result of alternative thinking from a proven industry leader, HP Moonshot is the world’s first software defined web server that will accelerate innovation while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale.”

comForte will again have a presence at HP Discover. Dr. Michael Rossbach, Juergen Boehler, Dieter Orlowski and Rick Ploen will be attending and there will be a comForte kiosk on the exhibition floor. Joining the comForte team will be Infrasoft managing Director, Peter Shell and Margo Holen and myself will be every bit as visible as we have been in the past.
At a time where the future is moving fast and where the messages from HP may not always appear to be aligned with the best interests of NonStop, don’t be too surprised to hear of solutions focused on Cloud, Mobility and of course, Security.

In the May – June issue of The Connection there will be a number of articles published under the general heading of modernization and work being done by the vendor community in support of HP’s story on
Cloud, Mobility, Security, and Big Data. Among the articles will be one by comForte’s Thomas Burg as well as one by myself. Make sure you do read Burg’s article as it includes information about where to find a demo of ClientServer Link (CSL) running from within a Cloud. This implementation leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud services and you can check it out by following this link:

I am never surprised by what transpires at big tent marketing events like HP Discover and I am never surprised to see familiar faces as I walk into sessions or onto the exhibition floor. This year I was told that the content would be of a strategic nature designed to attract C-level executives as well as upper-management decision makers. However, in a recent email from Connect, “
over 12,000 IT decision-makers will be gathered in Las Vegas June 11-13th, discussing innovations in infrastructure, services and software as well as trends that will shape and change IT as we know it” and I am left to wonder, are there really that many decision makers?

Fortunately, I suspect among the crowds that will throng around the key attractions there will be numerous familiar faces from the NonStop community – enough to keep the comForte team well-engaged in the types of discussions that traditionally take place on these occasions. Last year I was pleased to see such tangible support for the NonStop platform clearly visible for technology presentations and product demonstrations and I am hopeful that once again, such tangible evidence is on show for all within HP to see.

I just drove through Las Vegas and even as I watched its familiar skyline passed by, it had me reminiscing about past events. If you plan on coming – then yes, let me know and come find me among the comForte team!

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