Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cloudy days ahead – have you been watching?

There's only a few weeks to go before the start of the pan-European GTUG/CONNECT event on September 25 – 27, 2012 in Dresden, Germany - I will be there and I will be watching the Clouds ...

Today the Rockies threw us a taste of what lies install for all who reside nearby – after a record-breaking 73 days of temperatures above 90 degrees (OK, that’s above 32 degrees for all of you who prefer the metric system) it rained, and apparently above 10,000 feet (yes, above 3,000 meters), the forecast suggests there may be a slight dusting of snow. Yesterday was the official “pool closing” day at our house, so swimming season has definitely ended and shortly we will be calling the plumber to “blow the pipes” leading to the outdoor kitchen many of you have seen in recent pictures posted to blogs and to Facebook. And the immediate outlook continues to suggest there will be further cloudy days ahead!

But with the fall comes a new round of user events – Australia’s OzTUG just wrapped up a twin-city event, a joint Sydney and Melbourne gathering, held on the same day even though some 620 miles apart (yes, about 1,000 kms). Canada’s CTUG isn’t too far away, and we have GTUG and the
pan-European GTUG/CONNECT event on September 25 – 27, 2012, in Dresden, Germany followed a few weeks later by the NonStop Advanced Technical Boot Camp on October 14-16, 2012 in San Jose, California.

I have always liked Regional User Group meetings wherever they are held, and over the years I have participated in many – those who read my posts to Facebook should see my updated ITUG bag with even more badges plastered across its face – after spending my first three years on the ITUG board as the Summit Chair, I then spent the next three years as the RUG Chair, a task I found highly informative, and on occasion completely entertaining. During my recent interview with HP’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Business Critical Systems, Martin Fink, he made the observation that unlike any other user community he had been associated with, the NonStop community was less an association and a lot more like family – news of HP and about NonStop seem to be communicated within the family faster than in any other user group.

In my post of September 10, 2012, to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View,
Who’s popular? What attracts a crowd?”, I quite candidly reported on how one side benefit from supporting RUGs is that they provide insights into where I would like to go some time for vacation. Even as I commented on how, in a few weeks’ time I, along with many others from the NonStop community, will be gathering in Dresden, Germany, (for the pan-European GTUG/CONNECT event), and that it is another part of Europe that I have not previously visited and want to check out as a likely future vacation spot.

However, as has been the case with all previous RUG events I have attended, there will be work that I must do in Dresden; I will be chairing the Cloud SIG. So yes, come look for me and is anyone else surprised to find Security and Clouds playing a prominent role in this year’s event? Checking out the platinum sponsorship reveals that ISVs involved in Security are the sole platinum sponsors (and yes, this includes comForte), but the inclusion of Clouds? This is something I want to see firsthand and to check out all that is conveyed by those from HP who will be attending. And of course, from my perspective, the highlight will be the second meeting of the Cloud SIG that I will be chairing. Have you joined the LinkedIn
Group Cloud SIG – A Connect Community? And have you checked out the poll on Clouds in the sidebar of the NonStop community blog, Real Time View?

Working as closely as I do with the management team at comForte, it was good to see the post last week by Rene Modde, the comForte’s Product Manager for J products, “
Access to HP NonStop on the Go: J6530Touch. If you missed reading it, I suggest you may want to page down and check it out. Within the post, Rene gives us a very good snapshot of comForte’s mission – noting how it is to provide comForte’s customers with software solutions that allow for secure, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective access to HP NonStop systems. This declaration is then followed by the admission of how one of the key challenges is to recognize technology trends and to adapt comForte’s solutions to an evolving business world.

Without giving too much away before the event in Dresden –, come by the booth and look for Margo or myself if you want to know more – comForte too is working on Clouds. And this pursuit represents only a subtle change to the mission statement Rene provided. Yes, comForte is all about providing customers with software solutions that allow for secure access to HP NonStop systems but once on the NonStop system, look for comForte to provide secure access to Cloud resources as and when needed.

Enough said!

It’s now only two weeks away and there’s plenty I need to do to be prepared for the Cloud SIG meeting but to have an opportunity to spend a couple of days in Dresden? Well then, to quote our good friends from MasterCard, clearly an opportunity that is “priceless”! I look forward to seeing you all and wish you safe travels … and watch the weather, there’ll definitely be a lot more Clouds in the forecast!

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