Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something for everyone!

Memories of HP Discover may be fading and yet conversations I had with participants proved encouraging. I caught up with Peter Shell of Infrasoft who is enjoying success with uLinga.

My previous two posts here featured this year’s HP Discover event. The earlier post “
Time to talk?” was written as I prepared to depart for Las Vegas, whereas the more recent post, Familiar territory; the view from this year’s HP Discover!”, looked back on the event as I returned home. Was it all worth it? Did the event live up to expectations? The simple answer is yes on both counts – Las Vegas was very hot and anything but pleasant, and yet, many more of the NonStop community participated than I had expected and it was just great to catch up with so many of you.

In that earlier post I had written of how I am often asked about how the marketplace for NonStop is doing and of how I was hopeful this event would be every bit as encouraging as all those that have been held in prior years. Whereas in the later post I had written of how enjoyable it was to be in familiar surroundings and of the tangible support for the NonStop system, that we rely on, and that this will not be changing any time soon – the roadmaps for both hardware and software look solid. There’s even Solid State Disk (SSD) support being added which, I suspect, will prove to be a boon for users of NonStop SQL/MX.

But as in all previous years, it’s the conversations with people you get to meet that continue to be the highlights for me – meeting incoming head of the NonStop Enterprise Division (NED), Ric Lewis, for the first time; greeting former head (and now VP Enterprise Software for Intel), Pauline Nist, was a delight, as you can imagine; and joining BCS CTO, Kirk Bresniker, at a round-table coffee talk for the blogging community present at the event proved to be among the highlights for me as well as the source of much material that is now working its way into posts here and elsewhere.

It was also an opportunity to catch up with Infrasoft Managing Director, Peter Shell, who had flown from Sydney just to participate in the event. As Peter was to relate to me a little later, his travels this year were proving to be considerable, having spent almost five weeks in Canada and with plans for future multi-weeks visits back to the US as well as to Europe already in plan. “I am very pleased with the take-up of our flagship product, uLinga,” Peter told me, “and the travel in support of user Proof of Concepts is something I enjoy.”

When it came to what he observed at HP Discover, Peter then added “I was pleasantly surprised at the traffic in the NonStop area at HP Discover. There were a lot more people with NonStop knowledge attending the event than I had expected. Having the NonStop partners next to the HP NonStop area was good to see and a vast improvement over what I saw last year. Even though the exhibition floor was huge, it did not seem all that far to go to get to booths I was interested in and I really liked the many open spaces liberally scattered throughout the exhibition that made impromptu get-togethers with prospects much easier to do than I have seen previously at any other event.”

Peter also recalled the post of May23, 2012, “
Wins! Andmore wins!”, where I had quoted him as having said “No matter how you dissect the success of late for uLinga or to whom you give credit for these successes, uLinga is winning.” Over the past quarter, uLinga sales more than doubled and the pipeline, according to Peter, “obviously we would like to see many more but it’s a credit to comForte that the quality of prospects we are seeing is as high as it is. Yes, the pipeline is certainly encouraging and will keep several of us from Infrasoft on the road for the remainder of the year.”

As the uLinga suite has developed, there’s now “something for everyone – whether you are coming from SNAX or ICE,” according to Peter. “While there remains the potential for a few exceptions, in terms of how current mission-critical applications may have made use of the older products’ APIs, uLinga is proving to be a viable alternate offering with much richer features, for instance, when compared to SNAX. Our best opportunities remain those customers looking to complete their migration from S-Series to Itanium / Blades and where the customer is looking for support and a commitment to ongoing enhancements.”

When it comes to current users of SNAX, Peter was just as quick to highlight where uLinga can make a positive contribution. “We have seen Token Ring to Ethernet migrations and where the older SWAN products can be effectively ‘retired’ and CLIM controllers can be more fully exploited,” Peter observed before suggesting how “with uLinga modernization of the networking backbone utilizing just IP can now be done using regular routers; no special needs remain to use routers running DLSw or SNAsw outboard of the NonStop server.”

HP Discover 2012 is now firmly in the past, but later this year there will be other events that will attract participation from the NonStop community – the upcoming event in Dresden, Connect / GTUG, to be held September 25 – 27 as well as in Frankfurt, HP Discover (Europe) to be held December 4 – 6. I am already making plans, and I know others within comForte and Infrasoft will also be marking their calendars.

Should all that has just transpired at HP Discover in Las Vegas provide any relevance at all, then the NonStop community is doing fine and I am encouraged by the continued investments being made by vendors in the NonStop platform. Hope to catch up with many more of you as these future events roll around and if you should see Peter at your local airport, passing through, don’t hesitate in being hospitable, after all, your company may be the next one he will visit.

And yes, even as I wrap up this post, news has just arrived of one more NonStop user switching to uLinga!

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