Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nice to see you!

Participating in a social gathering of comForte folks working here in America made me value what we all get from events and how nice it is to see everyone – catch you all at HP Discover!

Much of business today is pursued virtually. Fewer and fewer businesses maintain offices where you will find everyone, hard at work, in close proximity, and sharing cups of coffee. The stereotyped office of the 1970s is long gone and for the most part, company principals laud the transition and the savings that it has produced, as well as the increased productivity that comes with being able to include resources that would have otherwise not relocated just to be employed. And smart businesses have learnt to trust their staff, even where their only contact may be over the phone or via Skype.

And yet, there are times when pulling everyone together has its place, and for a company like comForte, such occurrences typically have become a part of the calendar where sales and support personnel look forward to socializing, while at the same time listening to the broader plans for the company and to the sales initiatives that proved successful. Customer interactions and the information generated as a result are always important elements when it comes to businesses creating products, and to comForte, this is of particular relevance as all the products developed to date have evolved from customer contact.

This past week, Margo and I were very pleased to host an evening for everyone in comForte Americas sales. It was a simple barbeque, but listening to the many success stories and to see the general enthusiasm the team has as it looks forward to the second half of the business year gave me a better sense of being an integral part of the team – it was just nice to see everyone.

One of the topics that generated the most conversation was the upcoming event in Las Vegas, the annual HP Discover conference and exhibition. comForte will be present and will have a booth – look for them close by the NonStop stands that will be a part of the Converged Infrastructure Pavilion. According to the most recent floor plan I have seen of the exhibition, there will be several NonStop solution kiosks and then three vendor booths with comForte in the center - look for them at booth 423.

However, there will be a lot more than the typical exhibitor “trash and trinkets” on offer from the comForte booth. Look for information on a number of key initiatives developing substantial traction with the NonStop community. Readers of this blog will already be familiar with a number of them as there have been several posts of late tracking the success that has been building; SecurData, the uLinga product suite, and J6530 Touch will take center stage as far as visible promotion from the booth is concerned.

SecurData is a framework of solutions that today includes SecurData/Tokenization as well as SecurData/Audit and it’s all about protecting business’ data when at rest. With SecureData/Tokenization  a business can be sure selected data that is considered sensitive (such as Primary Account Number, PAN) will be tokenized in a way to make it transparent to the application (no changes to the application required!),  and then with SecurData /Audit  - separately installable -  any access to sensitive data can be logged to an audit trail. Follow this link to read more:

The uLinga product suite has more than doubled its population of customers since I last posted to this site and its success within the NonStop community seems assured. Should you have concerns about pricing and value, or simply about the level of support you are receiving from your current solution provider, you may want to become better informed about product alternatives to ACI Worldwide’s ICE as well as HP NED’s SNAX products. Follow this link to read more:

When it comes to J6530 Touch, and it’s support for modern smart phones and tablets – in particular my own favorite, the iPad,  there’s much that has been covered already here in prior posts to this blog. This additional capability is in addition to what J6530 has always supported – it remains a full terminal emulation solution. For me, it also represents a healthy sign that investments in NonStop continue even as we embrace mobility. It has made little sense to me to limit the productivity of our employees to just those times they may be in the office, seated at their desks in front of their workstations. Its early days for this product and every one can participate in trialing the free demo at

During the time when I lived in London, back in the mid-1970s, there was a popular television figure, Bruce Forsyth, who would appear weekly – hosting a game show, as I recall. Forsyth was similar to other such television figures that arose at that time in many other countries but his signature catchphrase “Nice to see you, to see you, nice” became iconic (indeed, in late 2007, it was voted the most popular UK catchphrase by the British public).

Essentially, this pretty much sums up my own emotions when it comes to events such as HP Discover. There will be other events throughout the year – the European HP Discover will again be held late in the year, so I have been told, but before that event there will be the more NonStop centric GTUG /pan-European event on September 25 – 27. And there’s likely to be countless more regional events focused on NonStop as well. However, it all kicks-off in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks’ time and just as I was so pleased to be able to entertain comForte this week, I am looking forward to HP Discover, and yes, it certainly will be so “nice to see you, to see you, nice!” 

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