Friday, June 10, 2011

The TONS (Thriving of NonStop) score

I have been writing this late Thursday night Las Vegas time, after attending the first five days of HP DISCOVER 2011 and I am posting it now, early Friday Las Vegas time. While the event is not over yet (more sessions today), I wanted to share some early thoughts on this.

Please expect some further postings on my take-aways from DISCOVER in the future. If you do not know me, please see , Thomas Burg, for a quick bio; I am also on LinkedIn.

Giving credit where credit is due to Jim Johnson for creating the DONS (Death of NonStop) score/metrics, I thought I put my early thoughts into the "comForte TONS score/metrics" which I herewith proudly present. So here goes:

The TONS (Thriving of NonStop) score

The rules:

  • The TONS score is following industry standard best practises and will result in a score from 0 to 100 where 0 means “NonStop will not thrive” and 100 means “NonStop will thrive”.
  • To calculate the TONS score, please ask yourself each of the ten questions below, and give an honest answer
  • Start with a score (S) of 0 and a maximum score (MS) of 0
  • For each “Yes” answer, add 1 to S and add 1 to MS
  • For each “No” answer, add 1 to MS
  • For each “I honestly do not know” or “not applicable” answer, do not do anything
  • The final TONS score is calculated by dividing S by MS and multiplying the result with 100

Some example calculation as well as my personal result follow at the very end

Side note: the TONS score was created by me, a German who holds a masters degree in Physics. So if this looks a tad over-engineered, you know why …

The 10 Questions

(1) Did you just attend a major HP conference where NonStop was mentioned four times during the key note session and was prominent on one slide during the Intel keynote ?

(2) Do you agree that the NonStop business is less then 1 % of total HP revenue ?

(3) If the answer to (2) is “Yes”: Do you find it relevant for NonStop to be mentioned in that said keynote ?

(4) Do you know of at least two major NonStop ISV partners who are actively investing in their offerings and growing their staff ?

(5) Did you attend a keynote where Winston Prather and Randy Meyer shared some very recent customer success stories; including a SVP from an unnamed credit card sharing live at this session why he chose NonStop ?

(6) Did you personally speak with someone migrating off Stratus who is evaluating the NonStop platform right now ?

(7) Do you personally believe that the NonStop is on the radar of Leo Apotheker ?

(8) Do you disagree with a well-known and trusted independent research organization which publicly stated that “NonStop *WILL* die within the next two years unless drastic measures are taken” ?

(9) Did you attend the HP NED Hardware roadmap presentation and do you agree that it was an excellent talk; delivering a positive, upbeat message while also properly addressing some valid customer concerns ?

(10) Did you receive a free T-Shirt at the conference ?

Sample Calculation 1:

All answers are “Yes”. S=10, MS=10. The TONS score is 100.

Sample Calculation 2:

All Answers “No”. S=0, MS=0. The TONS score is not well defined as it equals 0 divided by 0. Please contact your favourite math expert to figure out the TONS score.

Sample Calculation 3:

YES – YES – NO – NO – YES – NO – DoNotKnow – DoNotKnow – NotApplicable – NO

S=3, MS=7. The TONS score is rougly 28.

Sample Calculation 4- my answers:

Yes – Yes – Yes – Yes – Yes – Yes – Yes – **YES** – Yes – Yes. Thus my TONS score is 100.[[Of course I am heavily biased but I do believe that NonStop will thrive if several people (users, HP NED, ISVs, the community) do the right things. It might be hard work but I think it is worth it]]

A final comment

This posting will be used to start a discussion on LinkedIn soon. I am looking forward to anyone publicly sharing his TONS score and how he or she arrived there. If you would rather disclose your score in private, please do send me an e-mail at

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