Thursday, June 16, 2011

Joined at the hip!

In this second post about the HP Discover event, the updates I received from Thomas Burg left me in no doubt as to the future of NonStop … and I am seeing more evidence that HP is of the same opinion as well!

Even though I have spent the last couple of days far from Las Vegas and the HP Discover event, I heard all about the major highlights. Whether it was via twitter, or on Facebook updates, or comments posted to discussions on LinkedIn groups, those present at the event did a good job of keeping those of us unable to participate well informed.

I corresponded regularly with Thomas Burg until the event wound down – there had been quite a number of exchanges about blog posts and LinkedIn discussions, and I was looking forward to getting a summary. I am sure further posts will follow, where Burg will describe his perspective of the event in more detail, but what came across very vividly was that he was kept extremely busy with discussions with NED management as well as customers and prospects.

“I liked the event (with respect to it) going well beyond NonStop,” Burg emailed me. A couple of times, however, it was clear he was having a tough time finding any free time, informing me of how “it is very hard to find a quiet meeting room in Vegas (but) I sensed a strong sense of community in some sessions which were well attended, for instance, Winston Prather’s keynote session as well as the Software and Hardware roadmap presentations.”

HP executives, Donatelli and Livermore, both came to the NonStop exhibit and looked at what was being showcased. This was well-received by all who were present, of course, and it was a time for them to see first-hand much of what they had been promoting during the week! As Justin Simonds of HP tells it, “during Donatelli’s key note session, held earlier in the week, NonStop had a PowerPoint slide all on it's own and he had asked for a show of hands of people who had used their cell phone or credit card that morning highlighting how it probably (had gone) through a NonStop!” So yes, HP executives are getting it!

When it comes to HP executives like Donatelli and Livermore, whenever NonStop comes up in conversation the talk quickly turns to how appreciative they are of the contribution NonStop has to division’s bottom line – yes, they are very much aware of its place within the HP product portfolio, just as they are very much aware of how many Global 100 companies rely on NonStop! For many of us looking at the product roadmaps, the push to tighter product integration and leverage, the deep inroads commoditization is making, the market place demands for greater uptime coupled with massive scalability, we continue to believe that the role of NonStop will prosper under HP – there’s just too many smart people who really do get the value proposition of NonStop.

I still don’t think these executives fully appreciate all that NonStop can provide and I am unsure how much they appreciate how NonStop will help them in driving their vision for HP within the enterprise. NonStop is not a technology silo to be viewed separate from everything else in the HP portfolio. It’s now firmly connected at the hip, sharing commodity components and running the same open stacks and infrastructure. But again, it is events such as HP Discover that go a long way in helping build the bridges.

And while there’s been much written of late about the continuing dependency HP has on select members of the NonStop ecosystem, including comForte, I can see a growing role for these partners to play. There’s nothing stopping HP from “priming” mixes of partners’ offerings in the short term, while pursuing even greater cooperation in the future.

In my last post I not only suggested that much would be revealed and perhaps there would be demo’s that would intrigue us all, but that participants should expect to see a future of NonStop that’s better integrated with the rest of the BCS product line – perhaps even suggestions and clues to a more upbeat role for NonStop as HP’s strategy on Cloud Computing clarifies. Thomas Burg probably summed it up best when he told a number of us of how “this was the best user event ever,” acknowledging that “yes, it did surpass my expectations!”

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