Saturday, March 5, 2011

Relying on Band-Aids?

Two weeks ago I wrote of how I had caught the dreaded lurgy. This week, it’s about a cut finger that proves troublesome. But as with everything else that’s important to us, the quick fix wasn’t the remedy needed!

I seem ill-feted to come down with one affliction or another with each return to my home in Boulder. I’ve been busy unpacking my goods and chattels and spending my evenings moving furniture around. While picking up one box and ripping out its contents, I managed to cut my finger on something metallic.

Nothing too worrisome, I thought, as I casually applied a Band-Aid and kept on pushing items deeper into closets I hadn’t entered for many years!
Unfortunately, a day or two later, my finger became swollen and my doctor developed cultures to determine exactly which bacteria found its way into my system and what antibiotic products I needed to take to best target whatever it is that is messing with my system!

The Band-Aid wasn’t good enough this time and the quick fix it provided only put off the inevitable – I had to address the real problem with a different product.

Much can be made of the transformations that are occurring across out enterprises – convergence on commodity servers, broader adoption of standards-based infrastructure software, more mobile devices and all the while, restlessness among company executives knowing that they should be doing a lot more with less.

Very few industry experts predicted the explosive growth we have seen in the acceptance of tablet PCs and yet, just take a look around you the next time you are in a convenience store or fast food outlet. They are pretty much everywhere. And there will be demand by some users to access information on the data bases on the HP NonStop server.

Owning one of these intelligent mobile devices has become symbolic of what is happening today when it comes to modernization; if you can’t pull information to your mobile device easily and rapidly, you are dealing with a business that isn’t keeping with the times! If doing more with less is having you consider yet another Band-Aid, then perhaps it’s time to reconsider your approach and to look at products better suited to the demands of today’s modern business executives.

When it comes to modern systems, like NonStop, supporting these new devices goes beyond a simple quick-fix. There are many products in the marketplace today that just provide cosmetic changes and that for many years glossed-over what really needed to be done. Looking a lot like Band-Aids, perhaps these are best put to one side! However, there are those companies that have relied upon NonStop for many years who do appreciate the need for something a lot better than a quick fix!

They quick fixes may have proved useful at one time but the explosive nature in the popularity of the current crop of intelligent mobile devices, where the issue of scalability will surely make its presence felt, suggests something more robust than a Band-Aid is in order. Quickly slapping on another layer of emulation may prove more costly than imagined – reliability and performance will likely suffer and your customers will simply “click away” and choose other business partners.

In future posts to this blog I will be looking more closely at enterprise integration and the products in this space provided by comForte. I will be focusing on the Client Server Link (CSL) product suite as it provides one of the better solutions in addressing the needs companies have today with their growing populations of intelligent mobile devices.

I found my Band Aid didn’t do the job and am now paying the price! When it comes to integrating systems, like the NonStop server, with modern devices it’s still very early in the cycle, but I am pleased to see that consideration is being given to rock-solid, proven technologies that will better position users to deal with future devices’ demands.

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  1. I really look forward to the focus on CSL. I've previously used CSL to open the Nonstop up to "open" environments and would like to hear about other applications of this great product.