Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It’s now in our hands!

The era of mCommerce, and the business that will arise from untethered access to information, has been boosted with the arrival of the iPad; can NonStop leverage the opportunities that its growing popularity will create?

This Christmas Santa brought me an Apple iPad, something I had placed high on my wish list. Actually, getting my hands on my very own Applet Tablet PC has proved a lot of fun, and already I have downloaded several free “Apps” from Apples App Store on iTunes.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only recipient of an iPad gift this Christmas. According to the folks at Amazon “as of December 25th, (Apple’s) products topped the most-gifted items in all categories in which it competed except television and video products.” In other words, “Cupertino scored a clean sweep in tablets, laptops, desktops and portable music players!”

In the past I accessed information via a browser, but today I am quickly coming to appreciate how much easier it is to access popular web sites via an App icon – yes, for me, “there’s an application for that” means more than just an advertising slogan. Corporate IT departments are responding by providing their own Apps in support of many high-visibility applications.

When one hospital surveyed its community of doctors, interns, nurses and administrators it proved to be the interns who would benefit the most from the use of iPads. Rarely are interns assigned workstations or given dedicated areas from which to work, most often they have to wait for doctors and nurses to step aside before they can get access to patient information.

Slow as they appear to be sometimes, when it comes to leveraging new technology, medical practitioners have seen advantages as well. As a doctor recently blogged, “one morning, I found all the workstations occupied and I needed to text page my team. From the hall, I simply opened my iPad and used the ‘shortlink’ to the paging system to let my residents know where I was.”

Noting the almost instant success Apple has seen with the iPad, an InformationWeek columnist recently wrote of how we are seeing Microsoft beginning to look like an end-stage company, before asking “what's … its chances in mobile, or search, or tablets, or any of the other growth markets that are driven by younger professionals' demands for tools that are social, collaborative, instant, and always on?”
Will NonStop play a role in such a dynamic and fast-growing marketplace? In response to a blog on Barrons Tech Trader Daily web site, posted by Tiernan Ray in December under the headline “Apple: iPad + Mac = 12% PC Market Share, Says Goldman”, a reader posted the comment “Yea the servers and backroom guys will have Windows’ Machines, but front line will be Macs!”

Surely, if servers and backroom guys can have Windows then they can have NonStop – every bit as modern as any other server on offer today! While so much ink has been devoted to eCommerce losing the popularity stakes to mCommerce, there will be no letup in the demands of users for the same levels of security, availability and massive scalability as has been demanded in the past.

Always on? Nowhere have I read that NonStop cannot play a role. After all, at a time when convergence occupies center stage for many of us, when it comes to driving strategies, this is one opportunity that for me becomes a no-brainer!

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