Friday, November 12, 2010

Road to Bali!

In the 1952’s Bob Hope movie, Road to Bali, our hero has to leave Melbourne, Australia, in a hurry and ends up becoming a deep sea diver in Bali. While it wouldn’t take much to make me leave Melbourne, it probably would require even less incentive to get me to head up north to that fabled isle!

The allure of Bali remains strong and so the temptation to participate in the Asia-Pac ACE conference for BASE24 users was hard to resist. Unfortunately I was not able to attend, but making an early appearance since joining comForte, Say Kuan Koh was on hand for the occasion at the sumptuous Grand Hyatt Bali.

Former OzTUG Chairman, and now Managing Director of Infrasoft, Peter Shell was also on hand and helped support Say Kuan.

In an upcoming issue of the eNewsletter I wrote of how I expect a lot more cooperation between HP, major solutions providers, including ACI, and middleware vendors such as comForte, for the NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) to be successful with the push to modernize.

User community events give solutions providers and middleware vendors access to a large population of users, all with what’s just happened recently with their applications in the forefront of their consciousness, and full of ideas as to what they would really like to see implemented.

A presentation by ANZ following their recent deployment of Prognosis, highlighted how they were able to find a problem (in this case, an erroneously configured “dead station” in a pool of sixteen good stations) in just twenty minutes, when previously, such problems had taken two and a half days to fix.

Hearing of this, it highlights for me just how much pressure is being directed at IT!

A follow-on story of how ANZ’s Managing Director couldn’t change his PIN number and how Prognosis was able to correlate incorrect PIN denials to a recent program changes, touched a nerve in every attendee that produced wry smiles on many faces, I was told.

The latest message coming from HP however, where standards and commodity technologies represent the future, has customers retreating from the playing field hoping that solutions vendors will do most of the heavy lifting. Changes to data bases, to the user interfaces, to the network, and even changes of programming languages and models, all in the pursuit of modernization, represent a new direction that most users are unprepared to take.

Lest there not be any misunderstanding here, staying close to the needs of customers remains paramount for all involved in technology, but when the path through convergence and transformation involves hybrid clusters, clouds, and even newly-envisioned Megaplexes, figuring out how to best make use of them, and when, will be the domain of solutions providers.

NonStop is as modern a platform as any other server in the marketplace and the types of applications that can now run on NonStop, whether Java or .Net, is essentially unlimited. It still needs cooperation, however, for this all to work and customers are looking to the solution providers to spearhead the modernization efforts.

HP can throw as many evangelists as they can muster into the fray, but results will only eventuate when solutions providers become involved and rework their solutions to better utilize all that is new from the vendor. This shouldn’t be news to anyone – NonStop has always been a solutions play!

Bob Hope escaped to Bali to avoid an unfortunate situation where he found himself committed to too many relationships. Fifty years later it seems apparent to all associated with NonStop that perhaps trip to Bali was about developing even more relationships. From everything I heard, this seems to have happened, and bodes well for even greater acceptance of the NonStop push to modernize.

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