Friday, November 19, 2010

Pulling back the curtain!

It’s Friday and it’s a track weekend. I will be taking the car to the track for the final weekend of quite an eventful year. For the past couple of events I have been hauling a trailer behind the SUV with the Corvette safely strapped down tight.

Watching other, more competent, drivers lose their cars and hit walls and embankments has convinced me that it’s just a wise move to have a back-up plan, as goodness knows what trouble I would be in if I came off the track with a badly damaged car. But I am now well prepared for any eventuality!

Unfortunately this Saturday’s event has been cancelled due to the weather – a storm front has entered Southern California and the organizers have made the wise decision not to let us push our luck on a wet track. We will be allowed on track just on Sunday.

Earlier in the week I had an email exchange with comForte’s Thomas Burg, and we began looking at recent blog postings and discussions on the topic of web connectivity and at the very confident push by HP’s NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) in support of their web server product, NonStop iTP WebServer (iTP).

For those who may not have seen the latest data sheet on iTP, it opens with the observation “today’s enterprise IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly heterogeneous. Heterogeneity comes with a price and the inability to integrate a diverse IT landscape can result in lost business opportunities.”

What follows a little later in the data sheet clearly pulls back the curtain on NED’s latest positioning efforts, when it says “iTP WebServer software is a strategic product that supports Web and SOA application and solution deployment on the NonStop server, providing standards-based integration of NonStop applications in a heterogeneous IT infrastructure.”

Looking past this comment, you will soon read of how “iTp WebServer software products are designed for transaction processing and electronic commerce.” There you have it – a definite tie-in to past marketplace successes that do make a lot of sense.

I am always marveling when I look at the latest news announcements on one web deployment or another at how quickly the IT community seems to forget the past and what helped make previous deployments so successful. The HP NonStop server anchored nearly all the worlds ATM networks and more than two thirds of the POS networks!

As companies prepare to dive deeper into the internet and to build greater reliance on web interfaces, Thomas and I remain puzzled and somewhat frustrated at the lack of awareness of how good a platform the HP NonStop server remains.

It’s ideal for the role of front-ending any businesses presence on the internet. HP NED has identified its latest products as strategic and that is encouraging. I will expand on this in more detail in my next post to my blog, Real Time View, but for now, it’s good to note how HP is not the sole supplier to the NonStop community, joining several other vendors, including comForte who have provided solutions for some time.

It is a reflection on how important all vendors view interfacing directly the HP NonStop server to the internet – after all, it’s become the single biggest source of transactions so why ignore the best transaction processor available! Why hold back on positioning the best platform there is as we prepare to interface a high volume source, prevalent today in the internet, with the heterogeneous mix of applications present in the data center!

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