Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just the Chilli Crabs?

I’m often asked about the prospects for NonStop. Will there be growth in the coming year? Will more companies be buying NonStop? Will more NonStop servers be shipped to existing customers of NonStop? How big is the installed base and what’s driving the growth? Is it uniform around the globe, or are some regions doing a lot better than others?

In other words, once you get past HP and its marketing teams, how deep are the investments of others into the NonStop server and just as importantly, are new vendors being attracted to the platform by the realization that there’s indeed potential to build a thriving business! The good news here is that the resounding answer for almost all of these questions is “YES”!

I was reminded of this today as I came across the news announcement from comForte GmbH posted to the company’s web site. In the release the company announced the formation of comForte Asia Pte. Ltd., that will be based in Singapore. In 2009, comForte made an acquisition and established an office in Sydney, Australia, and with the new office in Singapore, according to the news release “comForte continues to invest in the Asia Pacific channel in order to better service its customers and to fuel its growth in the region.”

I have always liked Singapore and have always thought its location was ideal for any company’s regional headquarters – ever since Boeing introduced the 747-400, most European cities were in easy reach, and the east coast of Australia was less than 8 hrs away. In fact, my wife and I didn’t even hesitate to fly from the American west coast to Singapore one Thanksgiving … for just one evening of Chilli Crabs at one of the restaurants along Singapore’s famous south east coast!

The addition of an office in Singapore should be welcomed by most NonStop users. When it comes to pointing to concrete signs of growth, very little carries as much weight as the commitment by a vendor to a new regional presence. As the news release noted “Asia is a very important growth market for comForte and by opening the new office in Singapore we are increasing our geographical foot print and are getting closer to our customers and partners in the region."

As I meet with executives from the vendor community serving the NonStop market I see the news definitely getting better. Anyone checking out the posts to LinkedIn groups associated with NonStop can read how vendors saw a definite uptick in business following the recent NonStop Symposium – the number of users participating was certainly encouraging.

There are never any guarantees, of course. And there will be a lot of work involved. But I have to believe comForte will not be alone in Singapore, it probably isn’t already. Perhaps there’s more growth in the Asia Pac / Japan region than elsewhere, as more companies there buy NonStop, and then again, perhaps it’s just the Chilli Crabs after all. Either way, this is good news for all who follow the NonStop marketplace and comForte’s executives should be commended for continuing to build!

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