Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canada to "modernize" - see you at the fall CTUG!

Next week I will be travelling to Toronto, Canada, to participate in the Fall CTUG user event. Coming only a few weeks after the NonStop Symposium, it will be interesting to see what responses there are to HP’s key messages. What I took away from the NonStop Symposium was a message of “modernization” and it’s been a consistent theme across my posts to the Real Time View. The most recent post “We don't need no badges!” looks at programming languages and touches briefly on the hesitancy of some developers to consider learning modern languages, whether out of fear that they will not master it to the same level as they have the older language, or a deeper-set fear that says maintaining expertise will ensure career longevity.

Modernization is more than just languages, however. NonStop users are increasingly under pressure to step up and modernize user interfaces, as well as the application interfaces used to communicate with other applications in the enterprise. I have just been looking through the slide deck that was produced in support of the Converged Infrastructure Ready (CI-Ready) initiative, unveiled recently by HP, in which, the NonStop platform is a participant.

Modernization of user interfaces and modernization of application interfaces are at the top of the list. The real objective of the CI-Ready initiative, however, is that in pursuing modernization and standardizing on a selection of modern frameworks, tools, interfaces, and languages, given today’s support for middleware and infrastructure by all the key HP operating systems, there’s a much stronger case to be made for application mobility.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be revisiting this theme and taking a closer look at the CI-Ready initiative and at the first vendors to be badged CI-Ready, just to explore the impact this initiative has in the vendor community. The scenarios described within the CI-Ready initiative cover topics such as modernize the data store, modernize application infrastructure, modernize development tools, and modernize management tools, and a quick check of the comForte web site quickly illustrates how well-aligned comForte is with this program.

Modernize the network – turn to uLinaga. Modernize the user interface – turn to J6530 / JPath. Modernize the application interface (SOA) – turn to CSL. Modernize the management (operations) tools – turn to TOP. And comForte is not alone in this respect – checking the web sites of other vendors highlights how many there are that are developing product offerings that fall under the heading of modernization.

And this is the good news for all in the NonStop community, and something not to be ignored – today’s NonStop has become a modern platform and there’s little to prevent almost any of today’s applications from running on NonStop. I’m looking forward to my visit with the CTUG user community and I will be paying particular attention to how far the user community has come in embracing modernization but I have to admit, from some of the brief discussions I had at the NonStop Symposium, they are all over this subject and that bodes well for the future of NonStop in Canada!

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